Primary control reserve / battery optimization
S4 Energy has developed a master control algorithm to deliver primary reserve to the European grid. The master control algorithm manages a combination of KINEXT units and a battery system, playing to the strengths of each technology and making sure the bulk of the work is being done by the (robust) KINEXT. The result is a substantially longer lifespan for the battery system.

Hourly crossings / managing sudden frequency variations
Building on the success of the PCR algorithm (see above), S4 Energy developed an even faster control mechanism for dealing with sudden frequency variations. This new algorithm was developed in close cooperation with Dutch grid operator TenneT TSO and is currently being tested during hourly crossings (when frequency deviations are most severe due to cross-border market strategies of energy suppliers). However, it provides a blueprint for managing other types of variations, in particular fluctuations caused by an increase in renewable energy sources.

Peak shaving
For industrial end users, S4 Energy has developed an algorithm to suppress power peaks and avoid the related, costly penalties charged by DSOs. The algorithm can also predict the demand profile and convert it into a smoothened block profile, eliminating the imbalance between forecast and actual usage of electricity.

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Optimize (sustainable) energy generation processes
Improve grid frequency control and reactive power
Increase efficiency with decentralized load balancing
Benefit from peak shaving and advanced UPS applications