Powering public infrastructure

Storage technology has great potential to make public infrastructure more energy-efficient. In areas such as road infrastructure, rail networks and port logistics, our turnkey solutions create opportunities to recycle energy and to make the most of existing distribution assets.

Energy recycling
Today’s infrastructure incorporates a lot of moving, energy-intensive machinery. However, some movement generates energy – think of braking trains, port cranes lowering containers or the opening and/or closing of bridges. Our solutions enable clients to capture and store such energy and to recycle it when the load increases.

For instance, energy storage can be deployed alongside a railway track to recuperate braking energy. The energy is stored while the train comes to a standstill and passengers get off, after which the stored energy is released to power the train as it leaves the station – avoiding peak power and saving energy.

We'd like to add value to your energy

Optimize (sustainable) energy generation processes
Improve grid frequency control and reactive power
Increase efficiency with decentralized load balancing
Benefit from peak shaving and advanced UPS applications