Energy generation

S4 Energy provides turnkey solutions for energy plant operators and modern renewable energy initiatives. Most renewable energy sources are intermittent. S4 Energy’s storage solutions, help to increase a site’s reliability, optimize power output and extend the life span of battery systems.

Wind farms
We help wind farm operators solve the issues created by the mismatch between forecast and actual output, preventing costly penalties. Our solutions enable clients to stabilize power output and improve stability by buffering and balancing the generated energy. This in turn increases profitability and reduces or eliminates the need for subsidies (such as SDE+ in the Netherlands).

Solar installations
A cloud passing over PV assets can cause rapid fluctuations in power output (of up to 80%) and unacceptable voltage disturbances. Using our storage solution, fast ramps in power output can be buffered locally. This allows PV installations to be safely connected to the grid and increases their efficiency and profitability.

Hybrid power systems for island use
We help increase the efficiency of hybrid systems such as wind/diesel combinations for island use. For example, diesel engines are usually kept idling when wind-generated power is close to the load, to compensate for any sudden drops in wind. S4 Energy storage solutions offer back-up power, allowing the diesel generator to be switched off for longer periods.

Off-grid and microgrid applications
KINEXT units offer substantial energy savings in off-grid situations, such as mining operations, gas drilling in remote areas or tunnel construction projects. In such cases, the required energy is usually provided by diesel generators, whose size is determined by the expected peak power.

By using KINEXT flywheel systems to take care of peak demand, generators can be scaled back to the level needed to supply base load, at rated operation. This increases the efficiency of generators and reduces carbon emissions as well as fuel bills.

We'd like to add value to your energy

Optimize (sustainable) energy generation processes
Improve grid frequency control and reactive power
Increase efficiency with decentralized load balancing
Benefit from peak shaving and advanced UPS applications