At the heart of all our solutions is the digital layer that collects data, analyses energy flows and allows clients to optimize energy management.

Our proprietary algorithms are developed for specific applications, including:
  • prolonging the life span of battery systems;
  • reducing energy bills through peak shaving;
  • making optimal use of existing distribution infrastructure, allowing clients to defer investments;
  • reducing the required primary reserve for electricity balancing.
Algorithms can be easily adapted to fit the needs of specific applications.

Management software
All our solutions come with application-specific management software, offering full remote command and control functionality and allowing seamless integration with existing utilities. Important aspects of the web-based management software, such as security protocols, multi-user access including rights management and (real-time) reporting can be customized to fit project requirements.

We'd like to add value to your energy

Optimize (sustainable) energy generation processes
Improve grid frequency control and reactive power
Increase efficiency with decentralized load balancing
Benefit from peak shaving and advanced UPS applications