MON 04 JAN 21
KINEXT featured in Smart Storage Magazine
Smart Storage Magazine published an interesting article explaining the benefits of KINEXT energy storage and several potential applications.
MON 31 AUG 20
Leclanché and S4 Energy Complete Hybrid Energy Storage Project to Serve Dutch Frequency Containment
Novel system combines S4 Energy’s proprietary KINEXT flywheel storage system with Leclanché’s battery energy storage system and provides 9 MW prequalified capacity to support frequency stabilization for TenneT, the Dutch Transmission System Operator.
WED 13 MAY 20
S4 GroNext has been awarded a subsidy of € 2.8 million by the Regional Investment Aid Groningen (RIG) to establish a new facility to process unrecyclable plastic waste into high-quality gas.
THU 19 DEC 19
Eneco creates virtual renewable power plant using S4 Energy’s storage technology
Dutch energy company Eneco will use innovative storage technology to create a virtual renewable power plant in partnership with S4 Energy.
WED 22 MAY 19
S4 Energy featured in Opgewekt!
S4 Energy is featured in Opgewekt!, the Overijssel Energy Fund annual report.
WED 02 MAY 18
EFO: “Our goal is to enable a transition to truly sustainable energy”
We asked EFO director Bas-Jan Blom how this collaboration with S4 Energy fits in with the aims of the fund as well as those of the province of Overijssel.
FRI 09 MAR 18
Smart energy storage saves carbon emissions and money
S4 Energy’s latest contribution, a unique combination of kinetic and chemical storage, is proving its usefulness on the ground: by helping TenneT TSO stabilise the Dutch grid.
THU 25 JAN 18
S4 Energy triples FCR capacity to 9MW
Less than two months after S4 Energy’s ultra-fast operating reserve for Dutch TSO TenneT was unveiled, an agreement has been signed to triple its capacity to 9 MW
TUE 28 NOV 17
S4 Energy launches ultra-fast frequency control system for Tennet TSO
The new storage system enables S4 Energy to supply TenneT TSO with 2.8 MW of regulating and primary reserve capacity.
FRI 01 SEP 17
Ministerial visit to S4 Manufacturing
Mr Henk Kamp, Dutch minister for Economic Affairs and one of the driving forces behind the Energieakkoord, recently visited the S4 Manufacturing site in Almelo.
THU 17 AUG 17
Extremely accurate manufacturing is key to the KINEXT's efficiency
As the production of KINEXT units gathers pace, we take a closer look at the required manufacturing expertise. Eelco Osse, CEO of our manufacturing partner Boessenkool, describes what it takes to ensure a consistently reliable product.
TUE 23 MAY 17
S4 Energy selected for support in EU funding application
S4 Energy has been selected by the GetFunded 010 initiative for specialist help in applying for European funding.
TUE 25 APR 17
Hannover meeting with Henk Kamp
At the recent Hannover Messe, we were paid a surprise visit by Henk Kamp, the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs.
THU 09 MAR 17
S4 Energy steps up KINEXT production with custom-built manufacturing site
S4 Energy has opened a facility in Almelo (NL) for the production of its innovative KINEXT flywheel systems. The new facility, a joint venture with machinery manufacturer Boessenkool, has the capacity to produce 50 KINEXT systems per year.
WED 08 FEB 17
TenneT invests in ultra-fast operating reserve with innovative S4 Energy technology
TenneT TSO has contracted our subsidiary S4 Ancillary Services to create an ultra-fast operating reserve on the Dutch national grid.

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