Mr. Leo Visser steps down as CEO of S4 Energy

MON 10 JUL 23

Recently S4 Energy BV and Mr. Leo Visser, at present CEO of S4 Energy B.V. have discussed the possibilities for Mr. Visser to retire from active duty. S4 Energy would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Visser for his perseverance and knowledge which has helped to develop the Company from an initiative on paper in 2010 to the present vibrant Company with a promising future ahead. S4 Energy and Mr. Visser have agreed for Mr. Visser to step down as CEO as per July 1, 2023 and will retire on October 20, 2023.

Mr. Dominique Becker Hoff, currently CCO of S4 Energy B.V., will continue to lead the business as interim successor through the ambitious growth phase as per the mandate from the shareholders of S4 Energy B.V.

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Optimize (sustainable) energy generation processes
Improve grid frequency control and reactive power
Increase efficiency with decentralized load balancing
Benefit from peak shaving and advanced UPS applications