UWT boosts sustainability ambition with KINEXT

TUE 21 DEC 21

United Waalhaven Terminals (UWT) and Rotterdam-based S4 Energy have signed an agreement for the supply and installation of a KINEXT flywheel to electrify its harbor crane.

UWT aims to fully electrify the existing crane, which results in an annual CO2 emission reduction of 500 tons. To allow this diesel-electric crane to be operated exclusively using electrical power, the grid connection at the UWT terminal would require a significant upgrade. After careful consideration, UWT has opted for the alternative solution: using a KINEXT flywheel to support the quay crane. KINEXT stores the braking energy generated when a load is released. When the next load is lifted, KINEXT supplies the peak demand using the stored energy. By reusing energy for peak loads, KINEXT ensures the grid demand remains low and constant. Hence, KINEXT defeats the purpose of investing in a larger grid connection.

UWT Crane
Jan Overdevest, CEO of Waalhaven Group, parent company of UWT, summarizes the added value of storing and reusing energy: 'By purchasing this energy storage system based on a KINEXT flywheel, we are taking a major step in making our terminal more sustainable. Our goal is to realize emission-free transport and transshipment. The electrification of this crane directly contributes to that goal.' The alternative turned out to be a lot less attractive: “Where we can now stop running the crane on diesel soon, upgrading the grid connection would take at least a year,” he adds.

Commercial Director of S4 Energy, Dominique Becker Hoff, adds: 'UWT can indeed electrify this harbor crane without upgrading the grid connection. This also means UWT will not impose a heavier load to the grid once this crane is fully electrified. In this case, investing in a KINEXT flywheel is therefore beneficial more ways than one. The direct result for UWT is found in the payback period of less than two years. Indirectly, UWT helps their neighbors in the Rotterdam port area by not claiming any additional capacity of the already overloaded electricity network.'

This project was awarded a financial contribution from the Smart Energy Systems (SES) programme by the city of Rotterdam. Read more here.

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