S4 Energy steps up KINEXT production with custom-built manufacturing site

THU 09 MAR 17

S4 Energy has opened a facility in Almelo (The Netherlands) for the production of its innovative KINEXT flywheel systems. The new facility, a joint venture with machinery manufacturer Boessenkool, has the capacity to produce 50 KINEXT systems per year.

The new production facility marks the next step in our cooperation with Boessenkool, which specialises in extremely accurate manufacturing of heavy machinery. Among the equipment installed in Almelo is the largest vertical lathe in the Netherlands, which will be used to manufacture the 5-tonne flywheel at the heart of the KINEXT.

The KINEXT is an innovative patented form of energy storage, which uses the flywheel to convert electricity and store it as kinetic energy. Compared with existing forms of kinetic storage, the KINEXT stands out because of its high rate of stand-by efficiency (93%), an exceptional response time (<20ms) and a high power-to-energy ratio. A KINEXT unit can supply more than 1 MW of power on demand.

The unique characteristics of the KINEXT make for a very versatile system. It can be used for a range of applications, from peak power shaving to stabilising grid frequency. The first four systems to be produced in Almelo will be used by our subsidiary S4 Ancillary Services to help Dutch TSO TenneT create an ultra-fast operating reserve on the national transmission grid.

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