TenneT invests in ultra-fast operating reserve with innovative S4 Energy technology

WED 08 FEB 17

TenneT TSO has contracted our subsidiary S4 Ancillary Services to create an ultra-fast operating reserve on the Dutch national grid. The turnkey solution, which will be put in place later this year, makes the most of the unique advantages of our proprietary KINEXT flywheel technology.

The installation to be built for TenneT consists of batteries and KINEXT storage units and is controlled by a set of sophisticated algorithms. This setup will enable TenneT TSO to compensate for frequency fluctuations in the grid caused by discrepancies between supply and demand, which can occur due to the current increase in decentralised energy sources.

The installation to be built for TenneT will be partly financed by Energiefonds Overijssel (Overijssel Province Energy Fund). Its participation in this project reflects the importance of flexible energy storage in the transition to sustainable energy. Energiefonds Overijssel invests in projects which make a substantial contribution towards Overijssel's target: 20% renewable energy by 2023.

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